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Are You Struggling to Make the Right Decisions
About Your Child's Education?

You’re definitely not alone!

Many parents are unsure about the best path to take when it comes to helping their child learn – at school and at home. 

It’s overwhelming to be faced with potentially life-changing decisions. And then you’re forced to make a choice, all without possibly understanding everything that’s being discussed.

What If You Could Feel
Confident and Secure in Your Decisions?

When you work with a parent coach and education advocate, you’ll be drawing on years of education experience to help your family make the best decisions possible.

You’ll know and understand all the information that the school shares, plus be able to ask for important supports or services with confidence.

When You Work with Meg

When you work with me, you’ll receive personalized and professional education advice and support based on over a decade of experience.

We’ll talk honestly about your child’s needs and what the future might hold. Your personalized and unique plan will be tailored to your life and your child’s education goals.

I’ll be with you each and every step of the way, from reviewing documents and data to prepping for tough meetings or making difficult decisions.

We’re in this together!

With a custom step-by-step plan and calming, practical advice, you’ll feel confident and secure taking charge of your child’s education!

Meet Meg

I’m a busy parent- just like you – looking for ways to make educating my children easier and less stressful. I just happen to have a secret weapon: I’ve been a professional educator for the last 10 years.

What does that mean?

Well, I hold an M.Ed in special education and a BS in elementary education. Plus, I’m certified, in both areas, in MA and VA. I’ve taught in public, private, and homeschools, as well as running my own successful tutoring business.

Now, I’m ready to take everything I’ve learned in the classroom and working with families and share it with you!

Personalized Coaching & Advocacy Offers

Personalized Plans

A completely unique plan with practical advice & solutions is created for each family.

Online Conferences

You can meet with Meg from anywhere in the world - from the comfort of your own home.

Direct Support

Get updates via email, phone, or video conferencing. Plus, have access to a secure shared drive!

Not Quite Sure If
Coaching Is Right For You?

You should never feel rushed into making a decision about your child’s education. I firmly believe that you should always have the facts.

Which is why I offer a FREE 15 minute consult before you commit to working with me!

During our chat, we’ll talk about your specific concerns and what your ideal solutions would look like. Then, I’ll share specific ways that my services might work for you.