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Hi, I'm Meg!

I’m a busy parent (just like you). I know how overwhelming school can be for parents. I’m right there with you in the trenches.

It’s hard to feel confident and successful when the odds are stacked against you. And this is too often the case for parents of children with IEPs, 504 Plans, and Gifted Education Plans.

As an advocate, my goal is to help you help your child at school. With over a decade of professional education experience, I am here to help you be strong at your child’s school.

Find Your Simple School Solutions Fast!

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What's an Advocate?

Think of your advocate like a megaphone: amplifying and strengthening your voice.

As your advocate, I will offer professional advice and plans based on over a decade of professional special education experience.

Feel Confident
Voicing Your Concerns

One of the biggest roadblocks to school success is actually understanding what’s happening. 

Learn what all that jargon means! And what to say back.

Simple Ways to
Find Success!

Helping your child do better at school would be so much easier if there were a guide. Or a course.

Discover how you can see results at school with easy-to-use resources!

What Busy Parents are Saying...

Your expertise and advice has made all the difference - it gave me the format to push back with and the confidence to keep pestering them when they insisted I just wanted my kid to be "special."
Kristen S.
I can list so many great things about working with Meg to get my son a 504 at school. She made the process quick and easy. Her passion is beyond apparent for the kids she works so hard for.
Jessica M.

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